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Fónico (Phonic) has its origins in the air, it is inside of the body. From an action that unites breathing, voice and movement, a journey starts throught the comunication between light, sound and performer. States of body, environment and system that alllow their transformation to be seen, inviting  the activation of the senses.

Fónico’s process starts for “El Estudio II” (October 2015), as a work in progress, it was also shown in “Raw Matters” (Vienna, AT) and “Ciclo de Danza UDLA” (Santiago, CL) in 2016. Later, the work included a light system activated through sensors and sound, it had a season at Teatro UMayor and participated in Danzalborde International Festival (Valparaiso, CL) during 2017.


Director and Performer: Rodrigo Chaverini

Lighting Design: Alvaro Castillo

Sound: Emiliana Abril (Kinetica)

Vocal Training: Silvia Vivanco

Programming Collaboration: Sergio Mora-Díaz


2015-2017 / 30’ / 7+ / Team 3 people

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