La Licuadora 


Ph Rodrigo Chaverini

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La Licuadora is a creation-based project, interested in crossing contemporary dance with other disciplines, and whose focus is on generating experiences of sensory and perceptive openness. It is activated from the invitation of its creator and coordinator (Rodrigo Chaverini) to artists of diverse fields, in order to develop creative laboratories that vary and mix formats of presenting work.
The created works have been presented in several local and international spaces and events (Spain, Austria, Brazil, Argentina and Chile).



Ruido – Visual Art, Sound Installation, Dance Performance (2018)

L – Visual Art, Installation (2017)

Lúcidos – Duet, intervention (2017)

Fónico – Solo (2015-2017)

7 Ecos – Group piece (2015)

Acústico – Solo (2014)

Frames – Quintet, intervention (2013)

Polera Roja – Solo, intervention (2013)

Gerundio – Quintet (2012-2013)

Turbo – Quartet (2011)

Pantografías – Solo, multimedia piece (2010-2011)

Adaptaciones Simultáneas – Quartet, intervention (2010)

Verdes – Solo (2009)



Paulo Fernández, Emiliana Abril (Kinética), José Tomás Torres, Álvaro Castillo, Sergio Mora-Díaz, Silvia Vivanco, Nicole Bunout, Betania González, Paola Josefina, Mariela Mignot, Mercedez Mujica, José Rojas Navea, Raul Lagos, Eduardo Zúñiga, Magnus Rasmussen, Exequiel Gómez, Alexandra Mabes, Josefina Greene, Francisca Miranda, Paulina Vielma, Andrea Torres Viedma, Verónica Toros, Alena Arce, Daniella Soto, Pola Mora.