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Rodrigo is a chilean contemporary dance artist, with a degree in Graphic Design (U. Chile, 2004) and Dance Education (U. ARCIS, 2008). He has developed his work intertwining movement research, performance and across disciplines, appealing to the senses and perception. Currently he worksas a choreographer, teacher and performer. Chaverini directs La Licuadora, where he invites artists from different disciplines to participate in creative laboratories to develop projects of diverse and mixed formats (scenic, video, installation, etc.). Since 2007, his work has been presented in different countries (Spain, Austria, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru and Chile).



2018 “Ruido” (2017 Fondart Grant), season at Patricio Bunster room of M100 Cultural Center (Santiago, CL)*

2017 “Void” in Desplazamientos program of Santiago a Mil International Festival (Santiago, CL)

2017  “L”, residence in DUAL Studio and  show as a work in progress at Raw Matters (Viena, AT)*

2017 “Fónico” at Danzalborde International Festival (Valparaíso, CL)*

2017 “Lúcidos”, residence in Graner and premiere at FiraTàrrega (ES)*

2017 “Luz”, residence at Centro NAVE (Santiago, CL)

2017 “Fónico”, season at Teatro U. Mayor (Santiago, CL)*

2017 “Void”, season at Diana Cultural Center (Santiago, CL)

2016 “Fónico” at Raw Matter (Viena, AT)*

2016 “Frames” at FiraTàrrega (Tàrrega, ES) and FITKA (Santiago, CL)*

2016 “Polera Roja” at Feria Movimiento (Coquimbo, CL)*

2015 “7 Ecos” (2015 Fondart grant), season at GAM (Santiago, CL)*

2013 “Pantografías”, Tour (Dirac 2013) at FIDESP (Sao Paulo, BR)*

2013 “Gerundio” and “Polera Roja” at Danzalborde (Valparaíso, CL)*

2011 “En Otros Zapatos” at Hecho a Mano International Festival (San José, CR)

2011 “Vecinos”, residence and performance at Encuentro Agárrate Catalina (Lima, PE)

2011 “Turbo”, season at GAM (Santiago, CL) and tour in the north of Chile*

2010 “Adaptaciones Simultáneas” and “Conversaciones con el Océano” at El Cruce Festival (Rosario, AR)*

2010 “Verdes” at III Días de Danza of Centro Cultural España (Santiago, CL)*

2009 “Retazos de Memoria” at Festival Movimiento 6 (Santiago, CL)

2007 “Estados” at Festival Serpiente International Festival (Michoacán, MX)



Ruido – Visual Art, Sound Installation, Dance Performance (2018)*

L – Visual Art, Installation (2017)*

Lúcidos – Duet, intervention (2017)*

Void – Solo, performative collaboration in interactive installation (2017)

Fónico – Solo (2015-2017)*

7 Ecos – Group piece (2015)*

Acústico – Solo (2014)*

Frames – Quintet, intervention (2013)*

Polera Roja – Solo, intervention (2013)*

Gerundio – Quintet (2012-2013)*

Vecinos – Duet (2011)

Turbo – Quartet (2011)*

Pantografías – Solo, multimedia piece (2010-2011)*

Adaptaciones Simultáneas – Quartet, intervention (2010)*

Retazos de Memoria – Quartet (2009)

Fluh! – Duet (2009)

Verdes – Solo (2009)*

En Otros Zapatos – Solo (2008)

Estados – Duet (2007)

Conversaciones con el Océano – Solo (2007)


*Projects of La Licuadora.



2013 Choreographer in video “UndoRedo” (Fondart 2013) by Paulo Fernández (CL)

2011 Choreographer in video “Fauna” (EMPAC 2011. USA) by Paulo Fernández (CL)

2009 Choreographer in video “Mute” (Fomento Audiovisual 2009) by Paulo Fernández (CL)

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