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This piece installs a subject in a small set: in it, he develops a surrealist poetry about the construction of reality and fiction. The performance of the subject, its manipulation in real-time video projection and live sound, constantly resignify what is exposed: the natural and the artificial are mixed in a journey of dreamlike landscapes.

Pantografías was presented at the FIDESP International Forum of Dança do Estado de Sao Paulo (BR 2013. Support from DIRAC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Chile), Gala of Excellence Balmaceda Arte Joven (CL 2012. Gabriela Mistral Center GAM) and V International Festival Days of Dance (CL 2011. CCE Cultural Center of Spain).


Performer: Rodrigo Chaverini

Video and Editing in real time: Paulo Fernández

Live Sound: José Rojas Navea


2013 Dirac Project

2011 / 40 '/ All Audience / Team 3 people

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