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A concert of movements, a cinematic performance, a sound installation... scenic-sensory variables that could be considered “Ruido” (Noise).

A piece that aims at transdisciplinary art, bringing together visual arts, sound and dance in a live performance, including technological elements that are linked with analog effects. The exercise submerges itself in the trenches, margins and errors of the devices used, to emerge as an abstract and poetic act, approaching the noise in our "HD era" as the organic edge of technology.


Movement & Performer: Rodrigo Chaverini

Visual Artist: Paulo Fernández

Sound Artist: Emiliana Abril – Kinética

Directors: Rodrigo Chaverini, Paulo Fernández, Emiliana Abril

Producers: Josefina Greene, Marcela Olate


Project supported by 2017 Fondart Grant

2018 / 40’ / 7+ / Team 4 personas


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New Channel

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